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Thank you all for LightWord contribution. If you have downloaded LightWord theme from the wordpress themes directory, all language files are allready included. Otherwise, you will find download links to each language file here! If you want to submit another language file, write a comment or send me an email!

How to install language files?

All language files for LightWord have to be stored in the themes directory in the lang folder (e.g. /wp-content/themes/lightword/lang/)

How can i change the language?

The language is defined by your entry in the wp-config.php file in your wordpress root directory. Download wp-config.php from you webserver and open it with a (html) editor. Search for:

define ('WPLANG', ' ');

and add to name of the language file between ' '. For example, you must add following for change the language to german:

define ('WPLANG', 'de_DE ');

Afterwards save the changes and upload the wp-config.php into the wordpress roots directory (confirm to overwrite the existing file if prompted).

Chinese (zh_CN)

Download: link
Author: CheonNii
Article: LightWord Theme 1.8.5 Chinese and Korean ..

Danish (da_DK)

Download: link
Author: Nicolaj Kirkgaard Nielsen

Dutch (nl_NL)

Download: link
Author: Martin Beukman

Estonian (et_ET)

Download: link
Author: Marko P.

Finnish (fi_FI)

Download: link
Author: Tomi R.
Article: Teemojen käännökset

German (de_DE)

Download: link
Author: Tobias H.

Italian (it_IT)

Download: link
Author: Giovanni Zuccaro
Article: LightWord – Traduzione italiana

Korean (ko_KR)

Download: link
Author: CheonNii
Article: LightWord Theme 1.8.5 Chinese and Korean ..

Norwegian (nb_NO)

Download: link
Author: Kristian B.

Polish (pl_PL)

Download: link
Author: Robert Z.

Portuguese (pt_BR)

Download: link
Author: Bruno Augusto

Article: LightWord Theme
Author: Celso Azevedo

Russian (ru_RU)

Download: link
Author: Vady

Spanish (es_ES)

Download: link
Author: Yair L.

Swedish (sv_SE)

Download: link
Author: Stefan Janson

Turkish (tr_TR)

Download: link
Author: Tercan K.
Article: WordPress Lightword teması Türkçe çevirisi

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  1. I have translated LightWord to Danish. Contact me if you are interested in the files. Sorry about the comment, I couldn’t find your email anywhere.

  2. Send it to info {at}

    Thanks a lot in advance, i will include it in the next version update

  3. Hi, I’ve made an update for the french translation where half of the translations where missing now. I try to send you the updated files via the email but it doesn’t seem valid anymore. So a direct link for the files :
    And by the way, thanks for the great job done on this theme ;)

  4. If i write any topic with => É ã ê

    or any characters this tipe, dont show in blog/site

    ex. É uma grande frase

    Dont Show a (É), show (uma grande frase)

  5. Hi there, I have just updated the translation for Spanish (Spain) to the last version of Lightword (1.9.2). You can find it zipped in

    Thank you for your awesome theme!

  6. I have updated pt_BR translation, because had two errors. You can download in

  7. Hi Andrei,

    i have translated LightWord to portuguese (Portugal).



  8. samuel_cazelli Thanks for the UPDATE ;) I was looking for it :D

    Is there a change of the theme author to update the pt_BR translation in the theme package as well?

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