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Welcome to the official homepage of the LightWord Theme for Wordpress

Lightword Wordpresstheme Preview

LightWord Wordpress Theme Preview

Theme Description

LightWord is a free Wordpress theme, that is available in multiple languages (e.g. german, french, english, turkish, see a full list here)

LightWord Download details

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LightWord Theme settings presentation

LightWord Theme Changelog

1.8.7 - Language files updated, small bugfixes

1.8.6 – Exclude pages/categories from front menu, sidebox settings, cache busting + small bug fixes

1.8.5 – Clean code, google cse, cufon updated + some bug fixes (should work with PHP 5.3.0)


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  1. Having a hard time figuring out how to add a background image. The setup of the stylesheet is a bit different than what I’m used to. :(

  2. I modified some css settings for adaptation.

    Here is the result with this new version of LightWord.

    Thank you very much.
    Portuguese Language

  3. HI, great theme, i use this theme

  4. I also use this them at and absolutely love it, thanks for your hard work and effort. As well as providing it for free.

  5. I’m back on your new blog, I updated to the latest version as you told me to. Now, my header problems are solved, but you can look on … I have some issues with the CSS… Any help ? I’ve tryed to diff the old and the new CSS, but there are too many changes….

  6. Sorry for the last commen, I fixed the issu which was not caused by Lightword but by a plugin : jqueryLightbox which added “margin:0″ to the HTML tag in it’s CSS. I modified this to “margin:0 auto” to fix this.

    Thanks again for your work Andrei !

  7. Hi, how can i make to put a background image
    like Luis Guerreiro make it in this blog

    Thanks a lot

  8. edited: sorry poster above got in first…

  9. Thank you very much! It’s a wonderful theme and I’m using it in my small site :o )

  10. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for a great theme!

  11. Very, very nice theme ;-)
    I use this for my new blog-project.

    Greets from Germany

  12. I am having a very difficult time embedding adsense in posts with wordwrap.

    In insert the adsense code within ” after the ” ” code. No matter what I try, and where I put the code, the adsense shows up at the bottom of the post.

    I’ve never had trouble embedding with wordwrap, but this code looks different from the other theme codes I’ve seen.

    How can I get the adsense code to appear embedded in each post/page with wordwrap??

  13. Ooops… it’s not showing up n my comment.

    I insert adsense into a div code after your ?php the_content code. I’ve tried moving my adense within div code all over the place, and no matter where I place it, it ends up BELOW the post, at the bottom of the page. Please let me know how I can insert my adsense with wordwrap. Many thanks.

  14. This is a great theme! but I’ve got two issues:
    1) I’ve got problems with polish letters – they are not displayed. I guess that page coding should be changes, but I don’t know here I should do this?
    2) Polish translation does not work – I changed wp-config.php and polish translation works for other themes, but it doesn’t work for lightword

  15. I love this theme, although you could make the left side date for each blog post square blend it more.. like a triangle instead of a square.

    Once again thank you for the nice theme!

  16. Thank you so much for this great theme. Btw, how can I make it to show ‘posted by [author name here]‘ tag in blog post?

  17. How to make this theme search engine friendly? Google doesn’t index my blog post. Only tags and categories appear on search engine. Advice needed!

  18. Great theme, it’s perfect. Thanks!

  19. Very Good.

  20. Thanks.

  21. i recently saw a problem that in wordpress 2.9 , pages with comments do not show any comment form and after adding a comment it disappears , it doesn’t show the comment form . please help i am also facing this issue with one of my other themes too

  22. This theme rocks!

  23. I am confused, which is the real official website for Lightword theme? or ?

  24. I am using only the “hyphenated” [this] site, and Andrei seems to respond more often here. But let him answer this question.

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