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As i have received a couple of questions, i decided to create a faq:

Special letters (like ü in german, é in french) don't show up or are not shown correctly

This is a Cufon problem and should be solved curso design grafico informativos em ebac with changing the Cufon setting in the theme panel (set it to Disabled or Extra).

Am i allowed to change the code?

As LightWord is published under GPL License you can make your changes in the code.


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  1. How can I create a page without a sidebar?

  2. LightWord seems to be ignoring WordPress settings about how each post date must be displayed. I’ve tested lot of variations (even with showing only day) and theme still displays it with a messy month long name. Aditionally – where to change language to different than English?

  3. I use your theme I love it, but i would like to make some sub menus is this posible?

  4. @Alexander: you can do that … in your PAGES menu, look at the far right column & find “attributes”

    @Andrei / @admin: how are you accomplishing the “Continue Reading” link on your blog posts that go over “x” size? I’m trying to accomplish that as well & cannot figure it out


  5. Hi, I would like to put a banner in your theme, how is it possible?
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi there,

    Great theme, I am wondering where I can put adsense code, so it appears above the post heading on a single post.

  7. Helo there,

    do You plan to make LightWord 3-column edition?

  8. Great theme.

    I know little about cufon, but I did some research so I could try adding more fonts. I used the cufon site to convert a font I wanted to use, hacked up functions.php to use my new font.js file and display a drop-down selection on the settings page, changed cufon.js to use my new font family, but I just couldn’t get it to display.

    Could you (or someone) make a guide to expanding font selection on Lightword? Thanks very much!

  9. Hey there.

    I was wondering on how to create titles like you have done on this page with the questions with a line underneath. How is this done?


  10. Re: Changing fonts

    This was probably obvious to many of you, but I’m a little slow. It’s much easier just to disable Cufon in LightWord and then install the WP-Cufon plugin. You can then use the same Cufon.replace(['h1','h2'], …) line that LightWord uses and add anything else you want replaced too.

  11. Comments count for private posts?

    I’ve made a blog using the fantastic Lightword theme. In this blog I use “sidebar login” as a plugin to get people I know to registre for the blog and get acces to private posts. When my users comments on theese private posts it still says “0 comments” even though it is not true. Can you help me fix this problem+

    PS: The comment count works fine on public posts.

  12. i am a begineer in the wp thing and i love your theme … but how to put “continue reading ” .. as you have in this site. My all contains shown in the front and also shows all the posts in the front page.

  13. i have solved my previous posted problem. Can you tell me how to show only last 5 post on the home page,

  14. How do i make it worth with Google’s syntax plugin? I tried but it shows the text is plain :( and the plugin wont activate.

  15. Hello!

    I really like your template but got this error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/ on line 87

    It happens when users click on the trackback button.
    Only happens when no comments added. If there are 1 or more comments the problem disapear.

    Is it nessecary to make some changes in the comment.php file?
    Hope you can help me! Thanks!

  16. I made a new installation and now everything works perfect!

  17. Since i changed my theme to your version i get the message below and can’t connect o my blog anymore

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: unregister_widget() in /home/swissgal/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/lightword/functions.php on line 669

    Can you pls help me, what that means?


  18. I’ve put your theme on my site and want to put a different header image in but it’s 266 px in height. The only difficulty I’m having is adjusting the height of your content_top.png, I can’t seem to push it down but everything else is. Any thoughts? I’m in the wider.css, I also looked at the other css in there but nothing I do with the header seem to work. I’ll keep looking though :-)

  19. Scratch that! I’m an IDIOT, you so cleverly put those options in the page widget to tweak your theme! This is the best and most clever them I’ve used to date…awesome!

  20. Hello,

    I like this theme very much. But the file “top.png” is missing, even on the bottom of this site.

    In “style.css” I found this:
    Thus we allways depend on the existens of that pice! Maybe you can change it.


  21. Great theme – one issue, when I use the text / html widget in the sidebar it whacks the default menu selection (Pages and Links) which I want to keep. Is this a bug? i want to have my ad below those in an additional text / html box.


  22. Scratch that – seems like every time I have a problem, I post to you with the question then look at it again and I figure it out! Sorry! Drag over Meta, Pages and Text…done! :-)

    Thanks again!

  23. Hi there

    In Admin > Appearance > Widgets…

    What is the Sidebar Child? Is this the sidebar for the third column if enabled?

  24. The page-bar under the logo looks so strange in Internet explorer. It is okay in Firefox and Opera, but Explorer makes the menu fall outside the box where it should be. Anything I can do to fix this? (address is )

  25. Hi, lovin your theme, but I see a little .img tag at the bottom of the theme like an image is missing or something. It’s on this page too! (scroll to the bottom) How do I remove it?


  26. Very nice theme!

    Just wondering how to fix the “top.png” issue that’s located at the bottom. The file is missing (even on this page).


  27. Hello admin, I don’t know what happened to my lightword theme. It views normally in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. But in Internet Explorer, it is not centered and the top menu bar background and rss image is not showing.

    Any idea about how to fix it? my url:

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