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Cufon Settings

Hi Guys,

sorry for being absent the last weeks. I noticed as i checked all your comments (thank you for your feedback!), that i have forgotten to make an announcement concerning cufon settings.

Unfortunatly i had to remove Cufon in the last release of LightWord and as long as the question if i am allowed to use cufon javascript isn't solved, i can't provide cufon text replacement within LightWord anymore. :(

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New Lightword Release

Hey guys,

first, sorry for haven't found time to look after your enquiries but i have been really busy in last weeks at But finally i can anounce that there is a new version of lightword available!

This (beta) version includes following new options:

- three column layout (only available in the wider option)!

- adsense advertisment

- bugfixes

I hope you will enjoy this new version and report bugs (but i hope that there are none :) ) download: Lightword 1.9.6beta (291.53KB)
added: 08/12/2009
clicks: 6616
description: Testversion of LightWord 1.9.6

Best regards


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LightWord V1.9 online

Yesterday i have submitted Lightword 1.9 to the WordPress Directory. For those who can't wait to update, you can download the file right here:


LightWord 1.9.1 is online!


Lightword 1.9 BETA

Hey guys,

you currently see the lightword v1.9 Betaversion running on my webserver. It would be nice if you could surf around a little bit and report bugs to me.
The major change is the ability to select a 960px wide version. Hopefully you will enjoy this new feature.

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