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Cufon Settings

Hi Guys,

sorry for being absent the last weeks. I noticed as i checked all your comments (thank you for your feedback!), that i have forgotten to make an announcement concerning cufon settings.

Unfortunatly i had to remove Cufon in the last release of LightWord and as long as the question if i am allowed to use cufon javascript isn't solved, i can't provide cufon text replacement within LightWord anymore. :(

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  1. Sucks for us, but I completely understand. Keep up the good work.

  2. Why aren’t you allowed? Is that issue with license [Cufon itself or Myriad Pro font] or something similar? Hope it’ll be solved soon, I can’t imagine better theme than yours! Feel free to ask for help, we’ll do what we can!

  3. I have submitted a post to the cufón Google Group asking specifically for confirmation of whether or not it is OK for you to distribute cufón with LightWord. (I’d include a link, but the group is moderated and my message hasn’t gone through yet.)

    Is your question about the library or the font? An answer about the library should be forthcoming, but if the issue is with Myriad Pro (which has an “Editable” embedding permission according to its U.S. Adobe page), couldn’t you just select a different, Web-licensed font? I’ve also shot the licensing question toward @Adobe and @Fontscom (

    I’m really hoping that whatever issue you’re having can be resolved. Please feel free to tweet me, email me, or reply here (I’ll subscribe to the comments) if there’s anything I can do to help. I’d like to see cufón make its way back into the theme distribution.

    (For what it’s worth, it’s simple enough for users to just download the JavaScript files themselves, but there’d have to be a plugin then, and settings, and it would be a lot more complicated. :) )

  4. Hi again,

    I got an answer from @cufon. Yes, you can freely redistribute the library. Absolutely.

    I assume the issue you’re having must be with the font. Nobody has answered me on that yet, but if font licensing is the only issue, have a look at some freeware font galleries (1, 2) and just pick a new one. Myriad Pro is nice, but I’d rather have the Cufon available than be a stickler for “Myriad or none!” :) I’m sure you can find a free font that’s similar.

  5. God, I feel like I’m comment-spamming you. I searched for fonts similar to Myriad Pro and discovered Bitstream Vera Sans via a forum thread. It looks good, and it’s Public Domain / GPL — perfect for a WordPress theme! Any thoughts?

  6. You did such a wonderfoul job with that theme ! I’ve just discovered it and I’m sure i will love it !

    Juste a question, how can show in the post of the home, name of the author ?

  7. Is there a way to change the title of a post to be selectable ? This would make copying and pasting the title easy. Currently this doesn’t work. I’ve looked at the styles, but can’t track down the problem.

    I’ve had this request from my users. Cheers.

  8. I’m new to Worpress and out of al the themes I’ve previewed, your’s looks the best for my purpose. I don have a question: I’ve got my categories running along the top menu bar. In the lightword settings I checked to remove the seach bar, which is nice. It makes room for all my category buttons. However, when I go to add a seach bar to the side bar from the widgets area in the WP Settings, it gets all jumbled up and looks terrible.

    Please advise,

  9. Hi,

    Could you explain how i can change the width of the blog ?

    Thanks a lot

  10. Cufon is free to use, distribute, include or do what ever you please with.

    The font you may be supplying may be copyrighted and after looking at the one here on this site I must say that the font you have been using is.

    You need to find a free font to distribute with the theme.

  11. I found this: and conclusion from this topic is that you may ship cufon and Myriad Pro with LightWord, because both you are not charging us for using your great theme.

  12. Sorry, for cross-commenting, but I’ve tested Bitstream Vera Sans and in my opinion it is would be the best replacement for Myriad Pro. I’ve also done converting this font to Cufon format – treat yourself below. ;] All types of font glyphs [Std, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic] are included, so feel free to remove unnecessary lines:

    In a free time I will test it on my blog.

  13. @Tomasz: You know, that looks like a very good replacement, especially the Bold variant. I checked the license on and it does indeed allow for redistribution. Looks like there may be a solution to the Myriad Pro problem after all. Thanks for your research! I hope Andrei will incorporate it into the next release.

  14. Bold version in my opinion is slightly “too bold”, I mean that it is too wide for me. But as the Polish saying goes: “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. ;]

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