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New Lightword Release

Hey guys,

first, sorry for haven't found time to look after your enquiries but i have been really busy in last weeks. But finally i can anounce that there is a new version of lightword available!

This (beta) version includes following new options:

- three column layout (only available in the wider option)!

- adsense advertisment

- bugfixes

I hope you will enjoy this new version and report bugs (but i hope that there are none :) ) download: Lightword 1.9.6beta (291.53KB)
added: 08/12/2009
clicks: 6354
description: Testversion of LightWord 1.9.6

Best regards


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  1. Can you expand on what bugs this fixed, for those of us running the last stable version, and considering upgrading (and re-editing modified files)?

    Thanks for the great theme.

  2. Thanks for the theme! I was wondering if we could add the actual %postname% instead of page ID for “Exclude pages from front menu”?

    I use %postname% instead of using page id in my pages and posts.

    My page look like this

    instead of

    Thanks again!


  3. Would it be easy to add the author’s name into every post?

  4. Hi,
    I’ve got some difficulties with tables. The width is always 100% and an if a table contains prictures and text, the pics will displayed at the height of the bottom line…


    But the rest is incredible great!!!


  5. Hello,

    The spanish characters (á é í ó ú ñ) are not show on post title, how can i fix it?


  6. Hi!
    The top buttons look odd after installing 1.9.3 OR 1.9.4.

    We also have the same problem with Spanish characters.

    Love the theme! Thanks.

  7. very nice

  8. Having problems with the Cufon settings? Can’t set it to enabled? Keeps reverting back to disabled every time I save the changes?

  9. Hi.

    First, thanks a lot for this great theme !

    Now y question: where is the css item to change to change the color of the background behind “leave a comment” on the pages ?
    Default is grey background, but I would like to make it white.

    Thanks again.

  10. Cufon seems to be broken. When setting it to enabled under theme settings it reverts to disabled when saving the changes.

  11. Thanks for this theme.

  12. I see that you provided a 3 column layout as I suggested some time ago, but may I suggest that this new column should look exactly the same as in current two-column layout? I understand taht this is a kind of beta-preview, but if you do so, this theme will update its status from “ingenious” to an “ideal”!

  13. Awesome theme. I’m hoooked on it. Wanted to ask you if I’ve done something wrong or is it the beta fact that I can’t enable Cufon?

    Thanks for all the work you put into this theme!

  14. As you see Cufon is working on this site, so author couldn’t have done anything wrong. ;] As I see in your site, you have neither cufon included in script tags, nor placed cufon font replacement code in header – without this I wouldn’t expect Cufon to start working. ;]

  15. Also, what is the default size of the google adsense to be inputted? and where exactly is it placed? Great theme btw!

  16. The custom css still has problems..everytime i add an image url it ads back slashes and slashes

  17. Right. When I try to enable Cufon in the settings, it won’t hold. It keeps popping back to disabled. The last version I had was working fine. Maybe a WPMU issue since that’s what I’m running? I don’t claim to know a lot about WP. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. hi, could you release a single sidebar version where you can put 300×250 banners into? would really appreciate it

  19. I would be happy to help you, but I am not visiting this site too often. Could write a comment to the article about LightWord on my blog [linked in my name] so that I can do my best “directly”? It is written in polish, so use Google Translate to read content [or maybe you know polish language, then read it in original ;]]. Link to the post: If it won’t open, please use search field at the top right section.

  20. Is it posible to show the autors name of an article?

  21. ..first I have to thank you. In learning WordPress your theme has made it very easy.. and I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to seeing its longterm development.

    If its possible to consider, can there be a page template that is simply wide.. without widgets?

    Again huge thanks..
    David Van

  22. Great theme. Thank you very much!

  23. Great design, I’m playing with it now.
    one thing: the image at the bottom next to ‘Andrei Luca’ doesn’t load (on this website and on my version as well). I use IE7 and Firefox 3. Any idea why and how to correct it?

  24. For all of you that have the cufon problem, do that :

    save both js files from :

    to your own lightword/js/ folder

    enable cufon -> there you go

    Also you might want to delete the top.png img insertion in the footer.php since the img is not showing.

    That is all!

  25. Anyone know if this theme compatible with wordpress version 2.9?

  26. Does V1.9.6beta support the new post image feature?

  27. I’m sure of the wordpres way to solve the problem (yet) but the AdSense box appears to be escaping the code that’s saved, but not un-escaping it on the way out.

    @Nogizaka The only place Lightword places the AdSense code is on the single post page, below the ‘edit this post’ link (if you’re logged in). LightWord doesn’t appear to check the code – it just places what you save in that single spot. I see some other places it could be added.

  28. Hi! I’m using V.1.9.6 and I found it’s causing some problems with Transposh plugin ( I contact them and they told me is something related with jQuery. They opened this thread describing the problem ( I hope it get solved!

  29. hello, just a blogger from hongkong and found the lightword theme good, i have translated it into the traditional chinese (zh_HK) for the hongkong community, would like to include into your package if u want to, here is the link,

  30. @klaus: Look at the “Informatio about author” option in LightWord settings

    @Nova: I am using LightWord with WordPress 2.9 without problems.

  31. I am having an issue with LightWord. I like the theme, but for some reason, “Edit” stops working on 2.9 and 2.9.1. The page loads but then it just shows the menu. I have tried it in both IE7 and Firefox 3.6.5 and this does not work. However, if I change back to the default theme I can edit again.


  32. I’ve installed this theme and it’s great, but I’ve some problem with the adsense code. When I enter the code into the config section of the theme, the code is being messed-up with backslashes, so when the page is built the code does not function.

    At the moment I made a little patch to the lw_adsense_spot() function into functions.php by adding a str_replace() to remove the unusefull backslashes, but the problem remains in the admin section.

    Another little problem: the adsense code is inserted into a DIV with style=ad_spot but thet class is never defined.

    I’m using WordPress 2.9.1

  33. What plug in is the one for the download like in this post!?

  34. @Asaf I thin that the file top.png misses!

  35. Adsense doesn’t show up at my blog. Maybe i’m doing something wrong.
    I put my code in the template config. but where should it show up?

    Thanks for this template.

  36. Great theme! As of now there are two things I think might improve it:
    1. Submenus when you are looking for pages in front menu
    2. Flexible frontmenu, so that you can have more categories of pages in front menu than now without cluttering the design.

    Thanx for a great theme!

  37. Hi, and congratulations for this great theme!

    I have a little problem with the header…

    If I change the image of header, and modify the “Header image height in pixels” the menu is moved. This only happens in Internet Explorer (I tested in IE6 and IE7 with the same result). In chrome and firefox looks ok!

    It’s possible to solve this?


    PD: You can see an screenshot here:

  38. Minor bug: You are missing braces for the if statement at the top of functions.php

    --- functions.php.orig 2010-01-20 19:20:40.000000000 +0000
    +++ functions.php 2010-01-20 19:21:59.000000000 +0000
    @@ -7,9 +7,10 @@
    $shortname = "lw";
    $top_header_image_path = get_bloginfo('template_directory')."/images/header-image.png";

    -if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') )
    -register_sidebar(array('name' =>'Sidebar','before_widget' => '','after_widget' => '','before_title' => '','after_title' => ''));
    -register_sidebar(array('name' =>'Sidebar Child','before_widget' => '','after_widget' => '','before_title' => '','after_title' => ''));
    +if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') ) {
    + register_sidebar(array('name' =>'Sidebar','before_widget' => '','after_widget' => '','before_title' => '','after_title' => ''));
    + register_sidebar(array('name' =>'Sidebar Child','before_widget' => '','after_widget' => '','before_title' => '','after_title' => ''));

    $options = array (

  39. Hi, awesome theme. One problem – I can’t seem to get it to just display excerpts on the home page – any suggestions?


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