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LightWord V1.9 online

Yesterday i have submitted Lightword 1.9 to the WordPress Directory. For those who can't wait to update, you can download the file right here:


LightWord 1.9.1 is online!

| Wider option (960px) via theme settings
| IE6 footer bug fix
| Comments Off bug in Opera
| Overflow:hidden bug on justified text
| Two Column categories on non-widegetized sidebar
| Custom CSS in theme settings
| Dropdown menus with one level
| Fixed Safari/Chrome comments moderation bug

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  1. Awesome! I love this theme. Is it ok if I customize it (see url) the way I need, but still retain your copyright at the bottom?

  2. Hi Andrei, i have to questions
    1) there is any chance of posting blog entries with accents and ñ,
    because do not macht in my blog, How can i do?

    2) I want to make something like this:
    I want to put an image in the background.

    Thanks a lot.
    It´s a great theme,

  3. I’m not seeing the nextpage usability issue as changed in this, although from your other post it sounded like you were changing that more along the lines of my suggestion?

    Just curious if that was intentionally decided against after all, or that it’s such a small issue you completely forgot? hehe

    No problem modifying the code by hand if I have to, though.

  4. Disregard that. Apparently I can’t read PHP code well enough. I just installed 1.9 and see that I’m an idiot and you definitely have made the changes.


  5. I found an issue with moving the blog to a root of a site. If I move the wordpress blog to the root of a site – leaving the files at following the directions from wordpress, the comments function doesn’t work correctly. I found the issue in comments.php. The following line
    <form action="/wp-comments-post.php” method=”post” id=”commentform”>
    needs to be
    <form action="/wp-comments-post.php” method=”post” id=”commentform”>
    to pull the right address from the settings and get to wp-comments-post.php

  6. I found an issue with moving the blog to a root of a site. If I move the wordpress blog to the root of a site – leaving the files at following the directions from wordpress, the comments function doesn’t work correctly. I found the issue in comments.php. The following line
    <form action="/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">
    needs to be
    <form action="/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">
    to pull the right address from the settings and get to wp-comments-post.php

  7. Wow… the blog doesn’t like my coded comments.
    In the form action line
    the bloginfo(’url’); call needs to be bloginfo(’wpurl’)

  8. Thank you. I liked your theme.

  9. I was wondering if you were going to make the PSD available so I can customize colors. I am willing to pay. Also, do you paid custom work?


  10. Another question I had was the top nav dropdown menu. Is there anyway to get that into 2 columns? I hardcoded a nav dropdown with 30 submenu options and what to put that into 2 columns.


  11. Hi Andrei,
    I am in love with your lightword theme! I have had no problems with it whatsoever. My site (currently being envisioned/built) is located at

    There’s just one thing I want to edit, and I tried really hard to figure it out myself, but couldn’t so I thought you might be willing to help. I would like my “read more” text to come right after the content, instead of sharing the space with comments/tags below. Can you help?

    Thank you so much!

  12. fantastic theme!!! i was searching for hours to find the perfect one… great work!

  13. @Tanner thanks for the comment fix, I had the same problem, and the code you gave in the comment fixed it.

  14. Hello Andrei. I found a bug in IE6: front menu does not display correctly. I solved adding: margin-top:0px; to ul#front_menu in style.css

  15. Nice theme! I’m using it currently on

    It displays “N/A” for the comment count because I have the Disqus Comment plugin installed. Can this be corrected in the next update so the N/A is not there and it displays the Comment count and the proper link to the comments section of the post. It looks like you are detecting this scenario in the functions.php file to display the “N/A” if Disqus is detected.

    On my site it shows the “N/A” and the comment count underneath which is unreadable.

    This is from the Universal code install instructions on

    Append #disqus_thread to the end of permalinks. The comment count code will replace the text of these links with the comment count.

  16. hey! great theme, lovin’ it …but i might have discovered a bug that’s really pain, please refer to my site ( i left you a note with some screenshots. in a nutshell: in IE7 there’s an issue with the navigation-dropdown. please help, thanks! kind regards from vienna! keep up the good work -flow

  17. Andrei
    I take it back. The new upgrade completely messed up the site, especially in IE (you removed my earlier question about this) – whether you like IE or not, you can’t just write off that many visitors. Off we go to find another theme. Good luck.

  18. Thanks your, i really like this theme.
    I use chinese and japanese, blog name and article title can not display, can you fix it?
    sorry for my poor english.

  19. How do i get non english characters like the swedish Å, Ä and Ö to work in the headlines? is that possible?

  20. I´m so retarded, ignore my previous question!

  21. @moon @bjorn: :)

  22. Hi,really great theme ,i’m wwondoering if it’s possible to have a sidebar more largest ? becose i’m using a shoutbox who is 300 px large.

    Thx in advance and sorry for bad english ,it’s not my first language.

  23. This is amazing.

    I’ve got a problem though, how can I create a page template without a sidebar?

    Why? for (a forum plugin that integrates with WordPress)

  24. After several theme swaps I’ve finally found a theme I like but, and I appreciate your hard work to provide updates, I have a few suggestions to would make updates easier for users:

    could you add a backend option for adding a backgound-image (png),

    could you add

    body.mceContentBody {
    background-color:#FFFFFF !important;
    background-image: none;
    text-align: left;

    into the base of the css so that TinyMCE’s editor body doesn’t use the template body’s default colour settings,

    could you add a backend option to change the colour of the and elements, and,

    just one more.. I prefer comments to show by default but when I edit index.php to force it, only the top 3 posts display their content (plus their comment boxes) and the rest only show a title and comment box; is there a solution that will allow me show comments by default without limiting the number of posts I can show?

    I know I can edit the css with the theme’s backend settings but such edits don’t always work. Anyway, I think the theme is great, thank you.

  25. Edit to my comment above (I’ve just noticed the html elements were parsed): the elements I’d like to alter in the theme’s backend settings are “a:link” and “p”.

  26. This thems look great!! good job!

  27. great theme! requesting google anlytics support, i.e. custom html code on body

  28. very nice

  29. Hi

    I’m a big fan of your theme, can you tell me what version is the most compatible with Wordpress 2.7.1, and where I can download it

  30. I like your theme, very simple and elegant. However, I wanted to know if there was an easy to way add the “posted by” author information to each post on the home page. I have a multiuser blog and the only way to find out who wrote a post is to click on the post name and scroll down (I have author info checked in settings).

  31. This is a great theme, thank you very much, but I’m having trouble with it. How can I change the charset or whatever to view special characters like ç, ~ if i decide to make language changes in the footer, index or whatever? I’m sorry if this is a noob question, but I admit that I am a noob. Cheers.

  32. Sorry for being such a noob indeed, since the question was already answered. Thanks.

  33. Hi!

    I love your template. It’s great. Thanks!

  34. Hello, I love this theme. I am pretty new at this, and I can’t seem to get a photo to upload. It shows a broken pic link everytime. Is there something I am missing?

  35. I’ve written a code highlighting plugin for WordPress called Easy Google Syntax Highlighter that’s conflicting with line 99 of the style.css file in your theme:


    The min-height part appears to be inherited by pre tags within the body of the post, causing the code blocks to show with about 10 lines of blank space between each line, ie. 150px per line. Removing the min-height entry (not the whole line) fixes the problem without affecting the appearance of your theme in any way I can see.

    Does the min-height need to be set in your theme, or can you remove it? The javascrpt that does the actual highlighting is by Alex Gorbachev, so it’s his code base that would need to have a workaround for the min-height problem if the setting is necessary.

  36. When using the wider option the page does not look centered. It looks like it needs to be moved to the left. Could you please change that or an an option to do that in 1.9.4?

  37. Actually nevermind my previous post, I am wrong. Thank you for a great theme!

  38. Hi there.
    I get this error when installing your Skin.
    It basically destroyed all my Wp.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function unregister_widget() in /usr/home/ on line 669

  39. Hi, how can i make it like this that the post are not showen on front page as full, like yours with Countinue reading ?


  40. I’ve encountered a problem where umlauts won’t work in Headings. See – there should be “Kölle Alaaf!” in the heading, but currently there’s “Klle Alaaf!”. Seems to be a small issue though. Umlauts work in the page title and in the body of the post.

  41. The LightWord theme does not validate. The footer has an unmatched tag and uses ref=”nofollow” instead of rel=”nofollow”.

  42. Someone pointed me to the FAQ – problem solved!

  43. I’m using your theme right now. It totally blew my mind! Damn, it’s soooooo good! Thanks for sharing. I think I have tons of things to learn from this single theme alone.

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  45. hey you could throw a cool shoutbox from in that column. Its a free shoutbox and very easy to use. 1 line of code and no spammy emails either.

    its awesome.

    Great stuff on lightWord v1.9 also, very powerful theme.

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