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Lightword 1.9 BETA

Hey guys,

you currently see the lightword v1.9 Betaversion running on my web. It would be nice if you could surf around a little bit and report bugs to me.
The major change is the ability to select a 960px wide version. Hopefully you will enjoy this new feature.

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  1. Well, this is a good ideea. On my PC resolution it’s very good ;)

    Also, release more themes :D

  2. Hello,

    I’m currently using the theme for my blog. It’s clean and pleasing.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Andrei,

    Like the theme. Wide version looks great on my Mac. Can’t wait to get the Final release.

    Thank you

  4. I like the 930px. Very nice professional theme. Thanks!

  5. Hi Andrei,

    Awesome theme btw. There currently is a display issue in ie7. It only happens if the page has already loaded and you change the size of the browser. Certain components such as the header will have an incorrect offset. Please let me know if you need more information.

  6. Is this transparent dropdown menu a feature in the new version?

  7. I like the wider version of course. But in this comment I’d like to report a possibly minor problem in version 1.8.7.

    The problem is in my posting here [url][/url]. If you search the word ‘Top Level Domain’, you’ll find the first occurrence of these words is in italics, and it is somehow cropped. So the readers see Top Leve (missing l) Domain (instead of Top Level Domain).

    This problem exists in both IE 8 and Firefox 1.5 browsers. This problem did not happen in version 1.8.3 (before I upgrade to 1.8.7).

    I did changed some settings in style.css, but the change should affect only the font size and table column paddings.

    Any idea how I should fix this problem?

  8. First I would like to say, THANK YOU!!

    I have just started a blog for our marketing firm and found your theme to be clean and perfect for our needs.

    Do you think its possible to integrate a left third column option? I would like to use the third column for addition widgets and social contact buttons.

    Thanks again and I’m soon going to setup a paypal account so I can start donating back to all the great themes/plugins I have found.


  9. Yes! I just downloaded this theme and thought it was perfect if only it was wider… I was just about to start editing it, and on a whim I came here first to discover you just released a new version with this option! Thanks!

  10. @Anand: Thanks, fixed.
    @Angelica: Yes, maybe not transparent though.
    @Agus Suhanto: It’s a overflow:hidden bug from #content-body. But is not that simple to fix, please wait for the next version.
    @Al Calderon: In the future releases, yes. maybe v2

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  12. Been using LightWord for a few point releases and have been pleased as the look and feel blow most free themes out of the water. In addition, the personalization options such as removing the RSS badge add a lot of appeal.

    Here are some things to consider for future versions:
    - Provide clear communication for WordPress upgrades, especially when removing major features like Cufón
    - Aim towards building in more accessibility, such as highlighting focused links
    - Add option to change size of right rail (for certain ad sizes, for example)
    - Provide simple feedburner integration
    - Integrate a Twitter badge

    Most importantly, keep up the good work!

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